At Forma Creative Production, we strive to
give our clients a complete package.

There’s no question more important than who our clients are. The answer?
Wedding planners who need all the help they can get making and setting up wedding decorations.

If you have a wedding to plan for a happy couple and want to try out some original ideas you have, you’re in the right place. When it comes to weddings, we believe in a hands-on approach.

We get involved as much as possible every step of the way, from producing wedding decor for the party to building the bridal stage.

With our experience working with different materials, we work closely with the wedding planners advising on the best material to choose for the stage and decoration set up.

We’ll take care of the whole wedding production for you. We’ve already done that for numerous clients of ours. Check out what we can do for you:

Advice on material selection for the decoration

Optimize your design to make it cost-effective

Take care of all the production requirements

Reception & stage build-up

Set up all the wedding
hall decoration

As many of our clients noticed, we can take care of every step of the wedding production process. We produce wedding stages and decoration, install them at the venue, and then dismantle it after the wedding.

Custom Stages

We create beautiful and unique custom wedding stages. We have executed many different types of themes including Royal, Classical, Chinese and modern themes.
Our production team is well experienced in providing real like wedding stages.

Custom Walls

We provide a professional, fun and affordable custom walls to help you stage your venue and decor to create the perfect photo-op for the wedding. We can help you achieve the look and feel of a luxury event at a fraction of the cost.

Styrofoam & Fiberglass Decoration

We specialize in creating and installing Styrofoam & Fiberglass Decorations for Weddings and Events. We utilize a variety of styles and shapes to best suit your needs. Our decorations are installed using the highest quality materials to ensure cost effective real feel elements. We work with you to design and create the perfect Styrofoam Decor for your event.

Styrofoam is a great material for decorating. It’s light weight and easy to work with. We pay great attention to detail when adding the finishing touches...

Thanks to high-density display-grade
Styrofoam, we can produce a high-quality smooth finish that will
leave you speechless. Finishing is added to match the wedding
theme. Our professional artistic team includes sculptor and
specialized finishers.
Fiberglass is one of the most unique material that can be used in
wedding decoration. It is ideal whenever 3D elements need to be
fabricated in series. Our pattern making team will prepare the
patter and the mould. Once the mould is prepared, resin and fibre
reinforcement are casted onto it to produce as many identical
pieces as needed rapidly.
We have been working with fiberglass for years, and we are
proud to say that we have mastered the fine art of creating
lifelike, one-of-a-kind wedding decorations using this material.
Our fiberglass creations are perfect for adding that special touch
to your venue or event decorations.

CNC Work

Engraving work is essential to any wedding production. Our state of the art miling machines produce high-quality professional engraving in a variety of fonts and designs. Whether we are milling on backdrop walls or special entrance gate, our team can take care of all your CNC works.

Fabric & Sticker Printing

Choosing Forma to take care of for your fabric printing and sticker printing requirement is ideal. Since our production team would be taking care of other elements such as stage and backdrops, it makes a lot of sense for Forma to handle your digital printing requirements.

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